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making group


Sopranos:   Marta ZAGATA-BUGAJSKA | Anna MAGIERA

Altos Joanna ŚWIĘSZEK  | Małgorzata LANGER-KRÓL

Tenors:   Zygmunt MAGIERA | Mateusz PRENDOTA

Basses  Bartłomiej POLLAK | Marcin WRÓBEL

Artistic director:   Zygmunt MAGIERA


biographical notes:

Anna MAGIERA - a soprano. Graduated from Music Academy in Krakow. As a choir vocal ist she cooperates with the Choir of the Music Academy in Krakow, the Cracow Chamber Choir, and the Boys Choir in Cracow Philharmonic, taking part in numerous concerts conducted by world-wide famous conductors. She has also participated in the great quantity of lectures, master classes and workshops both singing and for choir conductors. She has been rewarded with a scholarship both from the Minister of Culture and from the City of Krakow. She has been cooperating with OCTAVA ensemble since 2007.
Marta ZAGATA-BUGAJSKA - a soprano.
Małgorzata LANGER-KRÓL - a mezzo-soprano. She is a graduate of Music Academy in Krakow, where she studied choir conductorship supervised by II grade ad. A. Korzeniowski. Her musical schooling was supervised by mgr K. Romek and II grade ad. A. Monasterska and as. K. Oles-Blacha. She is a scholarship holder of the "Sapere Auso". As a choir singer she has cooperated with Cracow Chamber Choir, Choir Academy of Music Cracow, Madrigal Singers Capellae Cracoviensis, The Mixed Choir of the Wawel Castle Cathedral. She is a conductor choir of the University of Economics "Dominanta". She is co-founder of the OCTAVA ensemble.

Joanna ŚWIĘSZEK - a mezzo-soprano.

Zygmunt MAGIERA - artistic director, a tenor. Adistinguished graduate from the Academy of Music in Krakow, Poland, from the conducting class by professor S. Krawczyński. The Cracow Opera Choir artistic director. As a conductor, he has cooperated with the Opera in Wrocław, the Polish Radio Choir, the Academy of Music in Kraków Choir and Orchestra, and many others. He was granted the Ministry of Culture scholarship twice in his career. He was awarded prizes at numerous prestigious conducting competitions. As a soloist, he has performed both within the country and abroad. He also works as a conducting teacher.

Mateusz PRENDOTA - a tenor.

Bartłomiej POLLAK - a baritone. Graduated from Music Academy in Krakow. Since 2001 he belongs to the Choir of Cracow Philharmonic. He has cooperated with the following Choir of the Opera in Krakow, Choir of the Polish Radio and the Cracow Chamber Choir. One of his greatest achievements include the main role in the opera W.A. Mozart "Die Zauberföte" and many, many else. He has been cooperating with the OCTAVA ensemble since 2007.

Marcin WRÓBEL - bass, baritone.  He is a co-founder of OCTAVA ensemble. He is a graduate of Choir Conducting at Music Academy in Krakow Twice in his career, he has been a scholarship holder of the "Sapere Auso". He is a winner of the international audition for BC choir and one of three people who represented our country in the above mentioned project. He is a member of the Choir of Cracow Philharmonic. He occupies the position of the assistant of the I conductor and of the conductor ofmale choir "Psalmodia" of the Pontifcal University of John Paul II in Cracow.